We are NEGS, a sourcing company that provides professional sourcing and logistics services. Our team of experts guarantee that your company receives the best prices and quality for your products in the most cost-efficient transport form. 

With our local sourcing experts in Asia, India and throughout the world, we source factories, verify them, make quick check audits, monitor production and check final goods. Validation of factories and production facilities are made in accordance with three main evaluation principles: Quality assurance, Technical capability and Commercial capability. 

Direct sourcing

Direct sourcing from manufacturers and factories.

Client Based Sourcing

Help customers in locating, selecting and negotiating products directly with the manufacturers. We manage the flow of goods from the supplier.


Whether the need is advice or to implement a global sourcing strategy as a part of business - We adapt our services to our customers needs.


NEGS creates an optimized purchasing strategy for your organization by collecting materials from a variety of suppliers, analyze current supplier market trends, and select the best means of obtaining materials at the lowest prices, without sacrificing quality. NEGS drives competitive advantage among suppliers, helping to keep prices from skyrocketing.

In times of globalization with international supply chains and digitalization, logistics is increasingly becoming a success factor. The speed, quality and reliability of delivery are guaranteed by NEGS

We Work Directly

Our professional team works directly 
with Asia-based manufacturers.

Top Quality Products

Our customers get top quality products
for the best price.

Direct Sourcing

We focus on direct sourcing and order
execution – it is our main business area.

Lean Organization

We maintain a simple and lean
organization in order to meet
the changing needs of our


NEGS operates worldwide to provide the right goods for the right customer. We focus mainly on direct sourcing and order execution. Customer satisfaction is our priority – our services are adaptable.

We have set up a team that is specialized in sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE). Our team organises PPE’s for governments, the private medical sector and companies. We are very well equipped with short lead times and flexible delivery methods. We have a wide array of certified PPE’s from validated factories that have gone through our professional due diligence process.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Global Networks

Specialized in Sourcing from Asia

Validated Suppliers

Timo Tervo


Over 15 years of leadership experience in international logistics, supply chain and sales management from numerous countries (Finland, China, Germany, UK and Italy).

Jussi Salla


Over 15 years of leadership experience in international sales- and procurement management from multiple industries.


Soil remediation Project in Kuwait

Lamor Corporation Plc together with a local partner Khalid Ali al-Kharafi & Brothers Co. are executing two of the historically largest soil remediation projects in the world in Kuwait. The region covers 114 square kilometers of crude oil contaminated soil as a result of the destruction of about 700 oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf war. These acts of war resulted in soil damage, moist and dry oil lakes and oil-contaminated piles covering significant parts of the country. The Joint Venture will have two treatment centers in the area, where the remediation activities will take place.
 The CEO of Lamor Mika Pirneskoski reflects why they decided to use NEGS as the procurement company in this project:” The professionality of NEGS in procurement and logistics, gives us time to focus on our core competences. We know that NEGS will find us the best suppliers and items, that will enable us to execute this project from start to finish”.
 NEGS is proud to be the procurement company for this massive soil remediation project. NEGS will handle the procurement of items and do the logistic planning for all the raw materials sourced outside of Kuwait to be used in the project. NEGS is very pleased to work in a project where we can also make the world a cleaner place. A project this scale is something that needs good project planning and execution, but that is something we take pride in and focus that everything will go according to plan.